Financial Mastery Workshop – Meet “Dr. Financial”, who is willing to give Treatments to all your Financial “Diseases”, returning you to a Stress-Free lifestyle…

FREE Financial Mastery Workshop (Worth RM197) 15 January 2020 (Wed), 7:30PM - 10:30PM

Discover a 99% Bank Loans Approval Strategy which enabled hundreds of people to buy their Properties AGAIN AND AGAIN

Meet “Property Financial Specialist”, who helped his students to get more than RM20Millions loans approved in just 1 year.  Now he is able to help you too!

Financial Mastery Workshop 

30 FREE Tickets ONLY (Worth RM197)

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  • Wisma Pantai, Level 13, KL
  • 15 Jan 2020 (Wed), 7:30PM - 10:30PM

Facing issues of buying your properties and getting the loans to approved?

Hear what Dr. Finance Rick-ky Wong has to say..

He has helped over Hundreds to overcome their Financial Challenges with this Proven and Practical way of Structuring their Personal Finances.

Meet "Dr Financial".. He will be helping you to Solve all of your financial disease (Poor Debt) due to property investment..("Dr Financial", Rick-ky Wong is not a Doctor by profession.  But people call him that way because he helped many to get out of finance problem in property investment)

It is time to treat this Financial “DISEASE” to return you to a Stress-Free Lifestyle!

What You Are Going To Discover In This Workshop

1. How to buy properties over and over again by getting your loans approved every single time you submit it, And start your journey to the millions now!

Simple and practical steps and strategies you can grab and apply directly to your 1st or subsequent property investments. In life, all you need is the right key to open the right treasure box. And we will give you the key..

2. Discover what “Other People’s Money” is, and how to use that technique to build your property empire without using your single cent..

You will discover the secrets to leverage on other people's money and use them to multiply your wealth.

Don’t worry, we promise it's a legal and sustainable way.. And you DO NOT need to die with massive debt. :)

3. How to overcome the challenges for home buyers and get your loans approved faster.

Nevertheless, one key element which needs more attention is house FINANCING.

We will share with you ideas and strategies on how the banks look into your income, and be very confident to approve your loan applications.. Our goal is to help you RESTRUCTURE your Financial portfolio to become a forever creditworthy game player..

With The Right Strategy, Using Property Investment You Can Keep Taking LOANS From The Bank To Build Your Long Term Assets and Wealth!

Who is this for?

  • If you’re having Housing loan issue
  • If you’re Stuck with property investment.
  • If you’re having Personal financing issues (debts)
  • If you’re having negative cash flow property investment
  • If you do not have idea how to build your wealth to achieve financial freedom
  • If you’re Unhappy with your current job
  • If you’re having Low financial literacy
  • If you want to Create a business that constantly makes money via property investment

About “Dr. Financial”

Hi, I’m Rick-ky Wong. People usually call me Dr. Financial because I specialize in helping people to treat their financial health and get their own home.

Currently, I’m a property investor with more than 11 years of experiences in mortgage & property industry. With my experiences, I’ve helped many people by providing comprehensive mortgage advisories and solutions for them to own multiple numbers of properties.

The reason why I’m motivated to start this is when I saw that there are too many Malaysians having low financial literacy and really struggling on housing loan…

I would love to help them to own their home…

I’ve also seen many property investors stop investing due to lack of knowledge in getting loans… I wish to help everyone with my knowledge and experience to continue their property investment journey because I know it can really change someone’s life…

I’ve never thought I’ll be a speaker one day. I have helped many clients by providing comprehensive mortgage advisories and solutions. From those successful results, they’ve encouraged me to share my knowledge with more people… to change their life as well.

That makes my mission bigger than before. To Share, To Help and To Inspire.

Time to Stay Financially Healthy , again...

Start Treating Your Financial “DISEASE” NOW!

Hear What Others Have To Say!

"A lot of Investor, especially those starting or maybe they are season, they will also be interested because this course will offer a lot of knowledge that's very hard for you to find outside."

Serene Ho


"Rick-ky actually gave me the idea on how the banks look into your income and make it easier for them to see your income whether they're confident in you, they'll approve your loan easier."


(Real Estate Negotiator)

"I will definitely recommend to my friends and family because this can make them have lesser mistakes in their journey of investment"

Lee Yong Shiang

(Sales Representative)

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30 FREE Tickets (Worth RM197)

  • Wisma Pantai, LEVEL 13
  • 15 January 2020 (Wed), 7:30PM - 10:30PM
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